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Wood Floor Refinishing Service

Wood floors are one of the most versatile, long lasting, and easy to care for floors that you can ever be lucky enough to own. As a bonus, wood is a renewable resource, so even if they might cost a little more than some alternative floor coverings, you don't have to worry about the environment when you choose wood. Even better, wood floors can be refinished, repaired and renewed - in short, they really can last a lifetime. That's where UCM Services Dallas comes in.

Wood Floor Refinishing Dallas has built its business on providing premium wood floor care throughout Dallas, TX. Their floor cleaning crews go through extensive training, and are familiar with all types of wood floors and have had vast experience in practically every related issue.

Floor Care

On the one hand, wood floors are very easy to care for. All you need to do is be conscientious about sweeping with a soft bristle broom daily, followed up with weekly dry or damp mopping with a soft cloth or special wood floor cleaning cloth. No washing (wood hates water). No scrubbing (you will scratch the surface).

On the other hand, wood floors do need some amount of special care. Their finish can be scratched easily, and if you drop something heavy you can actually damage the floor. In addition, wood is sensitive to water and humidity, which can cause it to warp. Wood floor finishes can discolor over time, especially if subjected to an abundance of light.

Hard Wood Floor Treatments

As mentioned earlier, damaged wood floors and floors that have lost their luster can be revived. Wood floor polishing, renewal and refinishing require a certain amount of expertise and knowledge, not to mention special equipment, elbow grease and patience. Yes, patience, as the process can stretch out over several days. If you want to try it on your own, be forewarned and make sure to research the process thoroughly. If you are not the type to embark on this sort of adventure, then your best option is to call a professional organization like Wood Floor Refinishing Dallas.

Before any work is done, the Wood Floor Refinishing Dallas team leader will inspect the floor for problem areas. Even if you had an inspection at the time you received your estimate, this final inspection insures that no issue will go unaddressed. Next, repairs are made to cracked or pock marked areas. Next, the floor is lightly sanded - your floor has several coats of varnish on it, so, technically, it is the varnish that is being sanded, not the wood. The process is, surprisingly, dust free. Next, all debris is removed and the floor is ready for its first coat of finish. Once dry a sealer coat is applied, and once that is dry (this can take up 24 hour or more), the floor is ready to be buffed.

Whether you chose hardwood flooring intentionally or inherited hardwood floors when you moved into a previously owned space, call on UCM Services Dallas at 214-432-2631 for all your wood floor care. Operators are standing by to answer your questions or set up an appointment.

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